Jason Ralph: fading consensus on R2P and failure over Syria?

“R2P does not begin and end with military intervention. There are many ways of fulfilling the responsibility. I tend to think that using military force in Syria would have made things worse for… Continue reading

R2P in Libya: why not in Syria?

On Syria: “We simply did not take this seriously and now we have a nightmare scenario that is going to take a long time to fix” Kyle Matthews (Senior Deputy Director at the… Continue reading

Limitations of the Responsibility to Protect

“I’m worried at the moment we’re reaching a turning point, particularly over Syria, where the rethoric of R2P is starting to become too far detached from the reality of R2P for them to be… Continue reading

New collaboration

It is with joy and pride that I launch a new series of War and Peace Talk-videos. Over the last few months I have been working with The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Together with… Continue reading

Coordinating Peacekeeping in Mali

“A red card holder will not be necessary if I do my job correctly!” Colonel Joost de Wolf has been working in the Netherlands Marine Corps for 30 years. On Thursday 17 April… Continue reading

Who is MINUSMA fighting?

“If it was easy, they would not have asked us!” Colonel Joost de Wolf has been working in the Netherlands Marine Corps for 30 years. On Thursday 17 April he was sent to… Continue reading

Dutch peacekeepers in Gao, Mali

“If you keep Mali as such, it will turn into a black hole – a country where jihadists can do whatever they like. One way or another, these people will come to Europe… Continue reading

The UN in Mali: Colonel de Wolf on the conflict, the Tuareg and MINUSMA’s role

“MINUSMA is waiting for more enablers – technologically advanced military forces – before they can move up to Kidal. After the Dutch and the Swedes have arrived, we can move up to Kidal… Continue reading

Russian diplomacy and the need of talking with Assad

Dan Smith (Secretary General of International Alert) reflects on the Russian diplomacy around the Syrian crisis. Mr Smith urges Western leaders to talk with Iran, Russia and Assad. On September 13th, Dan Smith (Secretary General… Continue reading

On getting ‘dirty hands’ when supplying aid in crisis situations

In ‘War Games‘, Linda Polman argues that humanitarian aid can perpetuate conflict. Arjan Hehenkamp (general director of Médecines Sans Frontières NL) agrees in part with Polman’s critique and explains how his organization tries to… Continue reading