Welcome to War and Peace Talk!

War and Peace Talk was set up in the summer of 2013 to make perspectives on complex conflict situations such as the one in Syria more understandable for a young lay audience by providing attractive video interviews. These interviews strike a new balance between content and accessibility. They seek to do justice to the complexity of the subject matter, while avoiding unnecessary jargon.

Speakers on War and Peace Talk will include people from all walks of life: refugees, diplomats, diaspora and academics. This blog’s grand vision is to become a website where different relevant perspectives can be accessed. An interview with a diplomat at the UN Security Council in New York alongside an interview with an entrepreneur in Aleppo and a refugee at the Turkish border. For that purpose I need your helpConnect with me and contribute your ideas, connections or even your own video-interviews!

A War and Peace Talk-interview is special. After a speaker has agreed to an interview, I use social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to ask friends, acquaintances and this site’s audience for questions. In that way, an interview for this website aspires to be an interactive conversation between the expert and a much wider group of people. Please contribute your questions – they are invaluable to this site!