From minor sect to biggest global terrorist threat: the rise of ISIS

“And so he [Abu Masab Al Zarqawi, founder of ISIS] takes his brutality and the pure violence in his personality and melts that with this radical movement he creates. On top of that, you get integration with Iraqi officials, military, Baathist party officials, who joined his cause because he is this hard-charging, powerful man who is starting to move history around.”

For War and Peace Talk, Joby Warrick (The Washington Post) takes an in-depth look at the genesis of ISIS. What sets this jihadist group apart from any other radical Islamist movement? What made them more successful in recruiting followers compared to regional long-time terrorist force Al Qaeda?

Joby Warrick is a double Pulitzer Prize-awarded journalist and a national security reporter for The Washington Post. His most recent book “Black flags: The Rise of ISIS” traces the origins and progression of the Islamic State and has earned him his most recent Pulitzer.

The interview was recorded in Amsterdam on March 22nd, 2017.

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