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Libya: A flawed electoral system at the root of the conflict?

“In a sense, in Libya the cart was put before the horse, […] they had elections before they had any of the institutions that in most circumstances really give elections meaning” For War… Continue reading

Russian diplomacy and the need of talking with Assad

Dan Smith (Secretary General of International Alert) reflects on the Russian diplomacy around the Syrian crisis. Mr Smith urges Western leaders to talk with Iran, Russia and Assad. On September 13th, Dan Smith (Secretary General… Continue reading

Four Lessons for Peacebuilding in Syria

What if the Syrian fighting factions reach a peace deal, and the United Nations are called in to help build the peace? What lessons should the UN bring from their previous peacebuilding experience?… Continue reading

Syrian peace talks: what role for outsiders?

What if serious peace talks are held on Syria, how can and should outsiders be involved? Willemijn Verkoren (director at CICAM) argues that now that the Syrian president Assad has agreed to disarm… Continue reading

‘Things to avoid’ after peace agreement on Syria

Dan Smith (Secretary General of International Alert) reflects on a best-case scenario in Syria. What can the international community do to help build peace in Syria, should a peace agreement eventually be reached?… Continue reading

Prospects for peace in Syria: arming the rebels?

What can Western governments do to promote peace in Syria? Should the EU send arms to Syrian rebels? And if so, to which ones? Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London… Continue reading