Syrian peace talks: what role for outsiders?

What if serious peace talks are held on Syria, how can and should outsiders be involved? Willemijn Verkoren (director at CICAM) argues that now that the Syrian president Assad has agreed to disarm of chemical weapons, the larger question of peace in Syria seems to remain unanswered. She further reflects on the Geneva peace talks – now scheduled in January 2014 – and on the role that outsiders can play in building peace in Syria should a peace deal be reached.

An interview with War and Peace Talk on 14 October 2013.

For more information on Willemijn Verkoren please refer to: an opinion-piece in Volkskrant on intervention in Syria; her website; her profile at the University of Nijmegen; an article ‘Peacebuilding Plans and Local Reconfigurations: Frictions between Imported Processes and Indigenous Practices’.