New collaboration

It is with joy and pride that I launch a new series of War and Peace Talk-videos. Over the last few months I have been working with The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Together with Josefine Ulbrich, I conducted interviews with the Institute’s fellows from various African countries who partook in a program on Transitional Justice, and with leading international scholars at a conference on the Responsibility to Protect. These videos will be uploaded in the coming weeks – I hope you find them as captivating as I do. War and Peace Talk will continue to cooperate with The Hague Institute in an effort to offer high-quality interviews with high-caliber respondents while using the same interactive methods as before.

Josefine Ulbrich has been instrumental in conceptualizing and conducting this new round of interviews. She has conducted all the videos on the Responsibility to Protect, and will remain involved in War and Peace Talk in the future. Because this project is expanding, I am now also actively looking for more people to work with. Do get in touch if you are interested in cooperating, or if you have any ideas to contribute!

Best wishes,