Iran’s Nuclear Deal: Who’s calling the shots?

“And so the concern is that Supreme Leader Khamenei … will let the deal come into effect and then, a year or two down the road, say ‘this isn’t working out, we have to walk away'”.

On War and Peace Talk, Dr Patrick Clawson (The Washington Institute) sheds light on who really is in charge of the Iranian side of the nuclear agreement. Given Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei’s track record, Dr Clawson remarks that a rejection of the deal even a few years down the road is a distinct possibility.

The interview was conducted on April 3, 2015. Dr Clawson visited the Netherlands to partake in a panel on ‘Fuel for conflict: The impact of the plunging oil price on geopolitics in the Middle East’ as part of the Henriette van Lynden lecture series organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.