Reintegrating former-LRA combatants after the Amnesty Act

“The Amnesty [Act]’s major limitation was the reintegration component … As a disarmament tool [the Amnesty Act] was excellent.”

How were former LRA-combatants reintegrated back into society after the Amnesty Act (2000)? Mr Stephen Oola holds that reintegration was a weakness of the Act and the government policies. NGOs stepped into the vacuum and some former combatants are managing by themselves by engaging in constructive livelihoods, but still some formerly abducted people are facing significant challenges.

Stephen Oola works as Programme Manager Conflict, Transitional Justice and Governance at the Refugee Law Project of Makerere University.

The interview was recorded in Kampala on December 3, 2015 at the office of the Refugee Law Project.