Kaldor on problems of peacebuilding

The record of UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding knows some devastating failures (Somalia, Srebrenica, Rwanda). In 2005, UNSG Kofi Annan acknowledged in ‘In Larger Freedom‘ that “roughly half of all countries that emerge from war lapse back into violence within five years”. How come so many UN peace missions have failed to achieve their objectives? How could missions be more successful? Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) shares her vision.

Mary Kaldor on the problems of peacebuilding and ways forward.

On June 12th, Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) delivered a keynote address at the ‘New Wars, Old Laws?’, a conference by the Amsterdam Law Forum (ALF). Bruno Braak interviewed her the next day on the current crisis in Syria, and her views vis-à-vis (humanitarian) intervention.

For more information on Mary Kaldor please refer to: her Wikipedia-page; the London School of Economics; or her CV.
For more information on the success record of UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions please refer to: In Larger Freedom by then UNSG Kofi Annan or At War’s End by Roland Paris.