Abiodun Williams’ ingredients for successful peacekeeping

Abiodun Williams (President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice) tells of his first steps in the work of peace and justice and tells of his days as a young UN peacebuilder. Dr Williams reflects on the possibilities and limits of peacekeeping.

Some quotes:

‘It is not internationals, but nationals who build and rebuild nations’.

‘In the early nineties you weren’t really trained, the political and civilian officers who were going into UN peacekeeping missions. So I was actually pitchforked into a situation and you had to really learn rapidly on your feet’.

On 25 September 2013 Dr Williams was interviewed at the Institute in the Hague by Bruno Braak.

For more information on Abiodun Williams please refer to: Wikipedia, the website of The Hague Institute for Global Justice and his old profile at the United States Institute of Peace.