Drones: Comparing Israel and America

What are the differences between the drone policies of the US and Israel? Amos Guiora (Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Center for Global Justice at the S.J. Quinney College of Law) elaborates, and reflects on the ‘collateral damage’ of targeted killings and the tension between human rights protection and counter-terrorism policies.

On October 16th, Professor Guiora defended his Ph.D.-thesis at Leiden University. Bruno Braak interviewed him the next day.

As background: the Department of Justice White Paper on the legality of a ‘lethal operation directed against a US citizen who is a senior operational leader of Al Qaeda or an associated force‘.
For more information on Professor Guiora please refer to his profile at the University of Utah; his Wikipedia-page; the article ‘Drone Policy: a Proposal Moving Forward‘; and his article ‘Targeted killing’s ‘flexibility’ doctrine that enables US to flout the law of war‘ in The Guardian. His book ‘Legitimate Target: A Criteria-Based Approach to Targeted Killing’ (2013) can be ordered online.