James Pattison on the R2P and rising powers

“Some hold that the rising powers will be the death to the R2P, but on the other hands are the optimists – who say that as rising powers gain influence, they will need to be seen to be acting legitimately”.

In his interview for War and Peace Talk, Prof James Pattison (Professor of Politics, University of Manchester) discusses the history and achievements of the Responsibility to Protect-doctrine. He stresses that the R2P is limited in what it can do, but that it has had a significant impact on the debates about mass atrocities and the responsibility to intervene. Professor Pattison further explores the consequences of the rise of China and Russia for liberal global norms such as R2P.

The interview was recorded at a conference titled ‘The Responsibility to Protect and the Prevention of Mass Atrocoties’ hosted by The Hague Institute for Global Justice on October 22nd, 2014.