Mary Kaldor on Syria: time to intervene?

Is Syria a ‘New War’? And should there be a humanitarian intervention? Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) shares her vision.

Kaldor: Is Syria a New War? Plea for Humanitarian Intervention

On 12 June 2013, Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) delivered a keynote address at the ‘New Wars, Old Laws?’, a conference by the Amsterdam Law Forum (ALF). Bruno Braak interviewed her the next day on the current crisis in Syria, and her views vis-à-vis (humanitarian) intervention.

For more information on Mary Kaldor please refer to: her Wikipedia-page; the London School of Economics; or her CV. Also, Mary Kaldor published an article on OpenDemocracy, making the case for a humanitarian intervention to protect the Syrian people.