The ICC and alternative justice in Uganda

“Prosecution or punitive justice is just a drop in the ocean. The ICC will only play a very small part in the justice equation of northern Uganda. One of the key concerns that we have, is that the intervention of the ICC appears to have halted a very vibrant discussion on how to implement robust accountability and reconciliation processes in Uganda.”

The International Criminal Court opens the confirmation of charges hearing against Dominic Ongweng in The Hague in January 2016. But is that enough? What other justice mechanisms are in place already? How can northern Uganda achieve comprehensive justice in the aftermath of the violent conflict with the LRA?

Stephen Oola works as Programme Manager Conflict, Transitional Justice and Governance at the Refugee Law Project of Makerere University.

The interview was recorded in Kampala on December 3, 2015 at the office of the Refugee Law Project.

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