Uganda’s 2016 elections: Museveni’s repressive grab on power

“The real concerns here are about how the ruling party’s dominance is going to affect the electoral landscape. […] We have raised concerns about the impact on the media, of threats and harassment of independent media, shutdown of radio stations, [and] the threats against media who have tried to interview the opposition.”

Uganda looks ahead to presidential elections in February 2016, a historical chance to challenge Yoweri Musevenis’s 30 year-long hold on power. While there are strong opposition candidate, Leslie Lefkow alerts us to the repressive measures of the current government, ranging from threats against media to the newly established “Crime Preventers Programme” which, “deployed by the ruling party, [serves as an] extension of electoral pressure, muscle and intimidation of voters,” Lefkow argues.

Leslie Lefkow is the Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division.

The interview was recorded in Amsterdam on January 22, 2016 at the HRW office.