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The Islamic State: Libya as a new stronghold?

“A lot of things need to happen before Libyans either side have the capability and capacity to take action against these radical groups” Professor Dirk Vandewalle (Dartmouth College) analyzes the probability of the… Continue reading

The Islamic State: Tunisia’s response to the threat

“We need an early warning system within communities in Tunisia” Dr Moncef Kartas elaborates on the role the Tunisian government can take to prevent young people from joining the Islamic State. Rather than… Continue reading

Tunisia: Growing pains of a nascent democracy

“To democracy there is more than just having a constitution and conducting elections” In a critical reflection on the current Tunisian political situation, Dr Moncef Kartas (project coordinator of the North Africa Security Assessment,… Continue reading

Bernard Haykel on Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State

“IS is a symptom of a deep feeling amongst Sunni Arabs of being disenfranchised. […] It is the same sentiment that led to the emergence of Al-Qaeda.” Professor Bernard Haykel of Princeton University’s Department… Continue reading

How Islamic is the Islamic State?

“To say that IS is outside of the interpretive parameters of Islam is factually incorrect. […] There is no question that these people are drawing inspiration from Islamic texts. And they know these… Continue reading

Mary Kaldor on Syria: time to intervene?

Is Syria a ‘New War’? And should there be a humanitarian intervention? Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) shares her vision. Kaldor: Is Syria a New War? Plea… Continue reading

Linda Polman on War Games

Linda Polman is a freelance journalist who has been covering peacebuilding and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of war for over 20 years. In War Games (2008) she describes the negative consequences of… Continue reading

Drones as Self-Defense: the need for a Drone Court

How is the principle of self-defense used to legitimize the US drone strikes? Amos Guiora (Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Center for Global Justice at the S.J. Quinney College of Law) analyzes… Continue reading

Kaldor on problems of peacebuilding

The record of UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding knows some devastating failures (Somalia, Srebrenica, Rwanda). In 2005, UNSG Kofi Annan acknowledged in ‘In Larger Freedom‘ that “roughly half of all countries that emerge from… Continue reading

Mary Kaldor on New Wars

What exactly is the difference between ‘New’ and ‘Old’ wars? Mary Kaldor (Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics) explains the main thesis of her book ‘New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in… Continue reading

Humanitarian aid in New Wars

Arjan Hehenkamp (general director of Médecines Sans Frontières NL) describes how the work of medical professionals has become increasingly dangerous in the ‘new wars’ as described by Mary Kaldor. Humanitarian aid in New Wars:… Continue reading